5 Signs You Are A Creative Person


Being creative is defined as being able to make connections between related ideas. Although sadly, not all of us are creative, people who are share some common traits. These traits may not be deemed as ones for creative people because most of them are characteristics of the loners in the society.

You may not know if you are creative or not, and that’s totally okay because we can help you discover if you are or not. and even if you don’t tick every box on the list, just know that everyone is born with some level of creativity and like everything else, creativity can be developed. Below are the signs that you are a creative person.

1. You Daydream A Lot

Daydreaming is often seen as a waste of time because you just sit there, staring into space and in your own head. Although society may not seem it as a creative quality, it often is. Daydreams help us set new goals, want to lead a better life and just be happy.

Although it’s a fantasy, it can end up making you more productive. When you are daydreaming, you tend to let your mind wander and when that happens, you start making connections between things that are unrelated. You start having ideas you would otherwise not have had if you were not daydreaming.

These new ideas can become valuable if you use them to your advantage and never let an idea slip your mind. People who are creative see opportunity in these new ideas while other people don’t, and that’s what makes you unique among everyone.

Most people see ideas they get when daydreaming as insignificant but those who know what being a creative is, know that it’s these ideas that must be cherished because they are often unique and have never been implemented before.

2. You Are Observant And Keep A Notebook

You have realized that your mind is for thinking and not for storing, so you don’t trust it to store all your new ideas. This is the reason you carry a notebook everywhere. You observe your surroundings; from watching people and how they behave to how they react to their situations.

These observations spark new thoughts and you record the most important ones in your notebook. You never lose track of your ideas because of this.

The reason keeping a notebook is something most creative people do is because if new idea strikes, they can just pull out their cute notebook and write it down. An alternative would be using your phone for new ideas. My favorite app for this is One Note because it’s the easiest organization app that I’ve tried so far.

3. You Have A Positive Mindset

Creative people don’t see the bad in a lot of things. While most people look at the worst case scenario in almost every situation they come across, you do the opposite. And when the worst case scenario that everyone fears does happen, you know that it won’t last forever and you can overcome it.

The reason creative people have a positive mindset is because they are risk takers and if you’re a risk taker you need your mind to think you’re going to succeed. If you’re going to take a risk, you need to believe in yourself beforehand for what you are doing to be a success.

Having a positive mindset helps with being able to execute your ideas better because you don’t have fear of failure like most people.People who see the bad in everything tend to fail before they even try because they never get to the point where their creative ideas are working for them.

4. You Fail A Lot

To you, failing equates to trying something that didn’t work the first time. Because you are very adventurous and take a lot of risks, failure follows you everywhere you go. But let’s face it, you can’t always be successful. And while the majority of people give up after that, you carry on.

And remember those fresh new ideas you came up with while daydreaming? When you try out most of them, you fail, and you fail miserably. The thing about the creatives is that they have a lot of resilience. Although failure is demotivating for most, you find that it makes you want to try again and again until you hit jackpot and your idea works.

You are a curious soul so you ask a lot of questions as to how you can improve at what you were trying to do in the first place. You’re always looking for ways to perfect your craft and that’s what makes you different from the average person. You don’t let failure deter you, instead, you let it create a new platform for you to come up with new ideas.

5. You Followed Your Passion

Often the most creative people are writers, entertainer and so for. Having unusual jobs for creatives is the norm because they can’t stick to a routine. Because you are doing something you love, working long hours is often not a problem. You followed your passions despite being told it’s not a good idea to do so. If you love challenges and have a passion that you followed, then you are most likely a creative person.

This is because creative people see a lot of potential where people think there isn’t any, and they aren’t afraid of following this passion and making it their life goal.

As a creative, you have a lot to offer to this world, unique ideas that only you can come up with. So go on and use your imagination to be the most creative you’ve ever been because for the first time ever, you’ve realized that you are one innovative person.

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5 Simple Tips For Waking Up Earlier


When planning to wake up earlier than usual the next morning to be productive, you probably picture your alarm going off with some calming tunes and you getting up with a smile on your face, opening the blinds to get some light into your room and beginning your morning routine. This is a very unrealistic expectation and it only happens in YouTube morning routines.

Most of the time what happens is you press the snooze button 20 times before realizing that if you don’t wake up you might miss an exam, lose a job or something as dramatic as that. If you’re not a morning person, you’re most likely used to waking up due to this kind of panic.

It is so much easier to hit the snooze button. Everybody loves to sleep but it takes a much-disciplined person to give up that luxury to be successful. Since most people are more productive in the morning, it is essential for you to wake up earlier when you know you’ll get the most work done.

When you’re a morning person, you’ll get more done and in turn be happier and more successful. I’m not trying to say people who don’t wake up early are not going to be happy and successful, but doing this builds discipline and you’ll find it easier to discipline yourself on other things. And as for being happy, let’s face it, accomplishments make us happy, whether they are big or small.

Below are the most effective methods that you can use to wake up earlier and be more productive.
1. Keep the alarm away from your bed


This is probably the most effective method I have ever tried. Keeping your alarm away from your bed forces you to get out of bed to switch the alarm off because let’s be real, no one can sleep through an annoying alarm.

Sometimes when the alarm wakes me up, I wake up and go to switch it off before heading back to bed. This usually happens when I tell myself I have enough time to complete a task and waking up early isn’t necessary. To combat this problem, I set multiple alarms. If one alarm didn’t manage to wake you up, a second one should do the trick, especially if it’s also away from the bed.

Don’t tell me you can wake up again and have the monkey at the back of your head tell you a similar story about how you have all day to do this. You chose to develop this habit for a reason, think about that before switching off your alarms.

2. Open The Blinds

Because I have such dark blinds, I can manage to sleep all day without even realizing. A dark room makes you sleepy so what you should do is, immediately after switching off that annoying alarm that disturbed your sleep, open your blinds. If you live in a hot place, open your windows.

After your eyes see light, it’s going to be hard to go back to deep sleep. Yes, you might go back to bed but your mind knows that it’s day time and it won’t let your sleep that easily. You might end up in bed scrolling through Instagram if you’re so keen on procrastinating, but you’ll be awake and guilt will be eating you up since you wasted all that energy to wake up earlier. Eventually, you’ll start your work or take a shower and head to school or work.
3. Make Your Bed


If I put off making my bed first thing after I wake up, then I’m not going to do it for the rest of the day. It doesn’t matter how much it makes my room dirty and unorganized, it’s not going to happen.
Making your bed right after you wake up forces you to stay out of bed. If you make your bed, the urge to open up the blankets (messing up your work) will not be so big because no one likes making their bed. At least not in my world.

It takes only a few seconds to get your bed looking decent, unless your bed is like a work of art, then in that case you must not be a lazy person.

Note that leaving your bed messy can stunt your productivity for the day and that’s not what you’re hoping for after torturing yourself by waking up early.

4. Have A Morning Routine


Having a morning routine makes you have something to look forward to. I love breakfast food so that is one thing I love about mornings. You might be a fan of coffee so get a cute mug with some motivational quote on it and that may be enough to make you a little happier in the morning.

Don’t skip breakfast. If you woke up early then you should have enough time to make it. We all know it’s the most important meal of the day, so that’s no secret. But did you know that having breakfast will boost your memory and energy and also reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease?

If you can’t seem to wake up fully, drink a glass of cold water. It should instantly wake you up and prevent you from feeling groggy.

5. Go To Bed Early

It’s hard for many people, including myself. With so many things I could be doing, why would I want to sleep? I’m just kidding, I love to sleep as much as the next person, I just don’t like going to bed early. It’s just not my thing.

With that said, sleep has many benefits, some of which we don’t notice, but the ones I notice are the following:

  1. I don’t feel that much need to hit the snooze button.
    Yes, the urge is still there. Believe me, it’s always going to be there, but if you’re serious about waking up then you won’t do it
  2. Your skin looks amazing.
    As someone who has a lot of acne, when I get enough sleep consistently I start noticing fewer pimples which makes me so happy. My skin is my biggest insecurity so if sleep can fix it, then why not.

Plan your outfit and lunch before bed just so your amazing morning doesn’t seem like an endless to-do list that makes you want to stay in bed until the late afternoon. It will be so much easier to convince yourself to get up and have a great morning.

Those are the tips for waking up early that are very efficient and really work. While some people argue that waking up earlier doesn’t make you more productive, I think for most this is the truth. The day just seems longer when you wake up early and you won’t wake up feeling tired, as you would if you oversleep.

5 Effective Ways To Gain Self Discipline

Discipline is a state of mind. It’s a habit one creates for themselves and if mastered, can take you far in life. Most people don’t have discipline, what we look for most of the time is motivation so that we can get moving at that specific time. The problem with motivation is that it runs out. It needs to be recharged constantly, almost everyday for some people.

What most of us need is discipline so that we can be able to gain enough will power and gather enough inner strength to get up and be productive. Having enough will power will result in being as productive as possible and being able to overcome procrastination easily.Below are the 5 ways of developing discipline and making it into a habit that comes naturally without needing any extra energy.

1. Have a daily routine

A routine is something you do everyday. Its not that hard to develop one especially if you have classes or work 9-5. It forces you to work even if you don’t want to. It’s sort of an automatic discipliner.

For example, it’s a habit for me to go to school from 8-5 then from there when I return home I sleep for 2 hours to recharge and then wake up, have dinner, then study for 5-6 hours before calling it a night.

The routine will become automatic for you. You won’t have to think about it to do it. You’ll procrastinate less when you know what you have to do and at what time.

2. Have someone tell you when you’re being lazy

This keeps you on your toes, especially if its someone you care about and are trying to make proud. If my mom tells me I’ve been on the phone for too long, I start feeling guilty when I use the phone instead of studying. Although guilt is a bad motivator, when you’re deep into procrastinating, it’s needed. It may require a lot more effort to become productive after that but it will get you moving.

Another way arround this is to have a bet with someone. If one of you is slacking off, something drastic happens to them. You may have to give them money or a valuable belonging. This will encourage you to stop being lazy; if you value your goods enough.

If you don’t have a friend commited enough to do this; remember there’s a website/app for everything. Beerminder.com lets you take a pledge with money and when you fail to keep up with your goal, you lose the amount of money you pledged. Let’s say you’re a blogger and pledge $5 and say you’ll write a blogpost everyday. If you fail to do so, you lose $5. If you love money like most of us, this will be a painful loss and you won’t do it again.

3. Believe that you are disciplined

Once you believe you are something, you begin to embody it. If you believe you are a disciplined and productive person, you will begin to live that way. It’s better to fake it till you make it when it comes to being disciplined, this is so that when you make it, you are not that behind with your work

4. Make getting started a habit

It’s a proven fact that the hardest part of being productive is getting started. Before you get started you don’t have any momentum and the enery needed to do the work is greater. If you want being productive to come easily to you, you have to get started without even thinking about it.

If it’s studying, it will be easier to take your books and sit on your desk before going through what you have to do. Thinking about the amount of work you have to do will make you lazy and you willl end up not getting things done.

5. Five minute rule

If you can’t convince yourself to get started, then tell yourself to work for 5 minutes and then stop. Usually you will be goaded into working even more and you forget your initial plans of working just a bit.

After a while this method tends to stop working because you know you will end up working longer. It’s best not to rely on this method because your mind will get used to you tricking it and this will be useless. Rather start doing this when in desperate times just so it won’t get old.